before your morning feet hit the floor

Express Gratitude.

  May 22 to 30th

28 Iyar - 7 Sivan, 5780 

Sheryl Sandberg, 
COO of Facebook

Tal Ben-Shahar, Cofounder, Happiness Studies Academy

Mayim Bialik, Actor, Activist, Mother, Neuroscientist

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What is Days of Gratitude?

Disruption. Social distancing. Loss, and grief.
The morning that we woke up to today is not the same one we did
even a month ago.


And yet there is (somewhere, sometimes) what to be grateful for: technology that keeps us connected, doctors on the front lines, educators supporting our children, friends telling us they see us, food that nourishes us, the natural world around us,
our inner strength and beliefs. 


We start our day with it. Modeh Ani. Thank you. This is Jewish wisdom at its best.  


Days of Gratitude is an invitation to partake in an international, week-long,
daily expression of gratitude. 


From May 22-30, culminating on the Festival of Shavuot, this website will be updated daily and will feature a rotating menu of activities and prompts designed to help you and those around you share gratitude. You can do this on your own, among family and friends, within communities and organizations,
and across the broader, global community. Each day we will focus our gratitude on a different question and explore ways to express it.


All activities and prompts are designed with our current reality in mind: they will be safe, respectful of social distancing and mostly virtual. They are designed to give each of us a little push, a little insight, and a lot of each other.