Each day of the nine Days of Gratitude, we will ask ourselves a different question, which will help us define the object of our daily gratitude. We will focus on different types of people or things we are grateful for, and respectively, offer a daily variety of activities and ways to engage in gratitude and to express it. 

Check back here to see new opportunities, activities and resources uploaded daily starting May 22nd!

Sample day

Day 1: Who cares for me?

This could include health care workers, first responders, municipal workers, social workers, grocery store workers, therapists, caretakers, teachers, babysitters, parents, siblings, children.

Starting May 22nd, you will be able to click on each of the activities below to learn more

Send a virtual postcard

Make and Donate

Create a window display

Prepare for a Gratitude Shabbat

Write a prayer

Contribute to an on-line mural

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