We are grateful to David Moss and our partner, Kol HaOt, for sharing this activity with us.

Let’s reflect on the concept of gratitude towards the Divine. 

This activity is meant to be explored with a hevruta, a study partner


  1. Download the pdf and print it (make sure to set your print to “Fit to Page”)

  2. Cut around the borders, based on the crop marks. 

  3. Fold it into a small booklet. For a tutorial on how to fold it click here

  4. With your partner, open the booklet and discuss the reflection questions. 

  5. Read the poem
    - How does it relate to your answers to the questions?
    - Does it add elements or perspectives you hadn’t thought of? 

  6. Look at the artwork. Try to interpret the image, noting the shapes, colors, flow, textures and borders of the image. 
    - How does this abstract image represent the value of Gratitude?

This activity is part of the larger “Siman Tov Seder” kit by David Moss. 

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An Art & Poetry Reflection