Choose a Grateful Mindset

You Can Dance is part of Jewish Food For Thought: The Animated Series, which was created with generous funding by The Covenant Foundation. Written and animated by Hanan Harchol. www.hananharchol.com. The accompanying study guide was written by Rabbi Leora Kay.

2. Explore the themes above, using the following study guide and the questions within it. 

3. Discuss with your intergenerational partner: 

How can you each further develop your gratitude muscle in order to strengthen it as a mindset?

We have choices about how we look at and assess our lives. 

  • Do we see what we are lacking or do we feel satisfied with what we have? 

  • Do we focus our sense of time on expectations for the future or do we hone-in on being present in the moment?  

  • Do we see others and their actions as narrow and self serving, or gracious and humble?


There is much we can learn about these questions by discussing them in havruta, in partnership, with someone else. Use this as an opportunity to have a (possibly intense) conversation with someone who has different life experience than you, from a different generation than yours. 

1. Together, watch the animated video You Can Dance, a candid conversation between a father and his adult son.