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How can we make gratitude part of a daily routine or ritual in our home? 

Choose one (or more) of the three activities below, to make gratitude present.

Create Gratitude Spaces in Your Home


You will need: A jar, permanent markers or stickers, strips of paper and pens. 


  • Find an unused jar and decorate it or label it with Gratitude or תודה- Thank You!

  • Leave strips of paper and pens next to it, with instructions for members of the household to write down things they are grateful for, to others in the home and put them in the jar. 

  • Place the jar and strips in a central location. 

  • Define a regular time to empty the jar and read out the gratitude notes to each other (this could be during a meal time, before going to sleep at night, during Shabbat dinner, etc). 

  1. Joint Gratitude Jar


You will need:  Post-it notes and pens. 


  • Using a pack of post-it notes, explore your living space, identifying things, people and actions you are grateful for. 

  • Write a small reflection and stick it on the place that represents it.  

  • This can be done both as a way of expressing gratitude towards others in your home, or, if you live alone, as a reminder to yourself of what you’re grateful for in your life.  

  • Leave them up as visual reminders for all you have to be thankful for. 

2. Post-it Walk of Thanks


You will need: Card stock, printer, scissors, glue stick, markers, strips of paper and pens. 


  • Download and print the template of the box below, preferably on card stock or thick paper.  Create one for each person who lives with you. 

  • Personalize it by adding their name and decorate as you wish. 

  • Cut the template out on the solid lines 

  • Fold along the dotted lines. 

  • Glue the tabs to the inside of the box, so they are not visible. Do not glue the top flap, so people can insert their notes into the box. 

  • Line the boxes up in a central place in the home along with pens and small strips of paper for people to write their gratitude reflections towards each person. 

  • Define a regular time for each person to receive and read their notes of appreciation from the others in the household.

3. Personal Gratitude Boxes