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When You Dig Inside Yourself, What Gives You Meaning?

How often do you thank yourself: The work you have done to become who you are, the values and traditions you have committed yourself to, the changes you have undertaken, the gifts you’ve been born with, the skills you’ve sharpened, the significance of your place in the world? Today, we invite you to thank yourself. 

Today's Activities

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Create Gratitude
ID Cards

Gratitude for Darkness:
Hillel International

Cultivating Gratitude:
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality


Banners of Thankfulness

Celebrating Yourself:
A Shehechiyanu Experience

Express Appreciation Online


Daily Gratitude Talk

Saying Thanks to What Gives You Meaning

Rabba Yaffa Epstein, Director of the Wexner Heritage Program, The Wexner Foundation