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What is Beyond You?

On the seventh day, after six days of work, we sanctify Shabbat. 

After seven weeks of preparation, our souls peak on Shavuot. 

After eight days of gratitude, we stand in awe. 


On this last day of our gratitude journey, we stop to marvel at the powers that are beyond us: God, Sanctity, Life Rhythms, Forces of Nature, and Miracles. 


Sometimes these powers are disruptive and sometimes they are in harmony. 

Today we’re grateful for all that is beyond us.

Today's Activities

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Genesis of Gratitude Meditation:
Foundation for Jewish Camp

An Art & Poetry Reflection:
Kol HaOt

A Ritual of Gratitude


Seeing Miracles

Curate a
Bikkurim Basket

Express Appreciation Online


Daily Gratitude Talk

Saying Thanks to Everything That is Beyond You

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg, President, The J.J. Greenberg Institute for the Advancement of Jewish Life; Author ‘The Triumph of Life’ (forthcoming).